Meet Cosmolle, the brand for your sports style

by Ethan More
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When we want to start or change our lifestyle to a healthier one, which includes a lot of new visits to the gym or working out at home, we always look for great options to complete our sporty style, whether they are sets or separate pieces there’s always going to be something for every style and preference. 

A great place to find the perfect pieces to upgrade or update your sports style is Cosmolle. Their main focus when they started was underwear and bras, which by the way, are extremely comfortable and also seamless too. But, they haven’t been a brand that goes stuck in just a few products, and they decided to diversify and now they not only offer an amazing range of underwear but also a great range of activewear

While they do also offer underwear, their activewear range includes sets, leggings, and even the best biker shorts for women, as well as everything you need clothing-wise to practice sports or comfortably work out. 

For your amazing sporty style, they have different style options and collections. Their Move Free new collection, which is also part of their girlfriend edit, includes 7/8 length leggings, sports bras, biker shorts with pockets as well as flared high-waisted leggings. 

Their premium seamless collection is the biggest one and it includes, zipped-up sports tops, high-neck tanks, ribbed shorts, sports bras, cross-over leggings and shorts, biker shorts, bodysuits, etc.

As you might have noticed, they have a big range of activewear sets for women. They are always launching new products and collections and updating their stock, so you are never left wanting one. They also have a big variety of inclusive sizes and colors, which makes their amazing products available for everyone. 

But you are probably wondering what makes them such an amazing brand right? Well, for those who don’t waste, good things will come to them. They want to empower women, through their sustainable fashion and are always looking and wanting for people to feel good and look good, while they are also helping their environment. 

The world nowadays is becoming more sustainable and also eco-friendly. And is a trend that thankfully not only consumers but also brands are starting to follow more and more. This increases the need for more eco-friendly products in many industries, and this includes fashion and shapewear. And thankfully brands are starting to deliver and they want to also live on a better earth and take care of it. 

Comsolle has noticed that products like cotton and polyester not only take a great toll in the environment by using a lot of fresh water and well as energy but also produce emissions from the oils they use to manufacture that are extremely harmful. This is the reason why they use their own finer, which is a biomimetic fiber with a unique and permanent collagen coating that is known as Collagen Polyamide yarn. 

To create this yarn, they use recycled fish scales and then these are weaved and 3D printed, to be able to finally create a buttery soft luxurious fabric that everyone loves, is extremely comfortable, and feels like a second skin. 

But besides all the good and sustainable practices they have, as a brand, they also are sure that fashion should be not only stylish but also accessible and affordable for everyone. And the best thing is that besides sustainability, inclusivity, and body positivity are key values of their brand. 

They are also committed to creating high-quality pieces, that are long-lasting and use high-quality and sustainable fabrics, but they are also committed to supporting their workers as well as o give back to their community, and participating in fair trade practices.


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