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Every week, there are a few innovative companies for defi promotion in the cryptocurrency space that provide insightful updates to the public. These crypto press releases are often written by crypto-journalists with an extensive knowledge of the industry. With so many insightful crypto press releases being released by innovative companies, Best of the Internet is compiling them together to help investors and readers keep up with all the exciting technological developments that are being made in this space.

1. Presearch Delivers a Blockchain Powered Search Engine

Presearch, the decentralized search engine project, recently released a blog post detailing how their engine will work. In summary, a user creates an account on Presearch and upvotes their favorite websites. Supposedly, this way of ranking websites produces better search results by filtering out irrelevant results and spam. Additionally, the Presearch platform will use algorithms to determine which websites are popular in certain geographic areas based on user votes.

“As we scale, this system will allow us to remove the geographic bias from our ranking algorithm while maintaining accuracy of search – something that no other search engine can do today.” -Presearch blog post

2. Bitcoin Price Analysis For The Week Of June 17th

Over the last week, the price of Bitcoin has dropped from USD 10,000 to USD 9,600. With this drop in the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum has also dropped in price by 10% and Ripple dropped by 15%. From a fundamental point of view, there is still a lot of value to be found in Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

“Considering how well funded the development teams of both platforms have become and how long they have been around for it’s hard to see either one failing anytime soon.” -Bitcoin Buzz Weekly. Find the site detail here.

3. Blockchain Use Cases

An article explaining the various ways that blockchain can be applied in this new economy. Essentially, it explains how blockchain has the potential to change a lot of industries such as healthcare and banking.

“The many use cases for blockchain technology are only beginning to be explored and it is likely that we will see even more innovations emerging during the coming years.” -Digiconomist blog post

4. Ethereum’s Upgrade: The Status of Constantinople

The Ethereum core developers are gearing up to release one of their largest updates to date, Constantinople. The upcoming upgrade will give all Ethereum users access to faster syncing speeds along with a few other improvements. Read about the upcoming release on their GitHub page.

“The Constantinople upgrade is one of the most significant updates to Ethereum since its inception.” -Ethereum Developers Blog

5. Gemini News

The much-anticipated creators of the world’s 1st regulated, licensed bitcoin exchange, Gemini has recently released a press statement explaining the measures they have put in place to ensure security and compliance of all assets. 

“We are proud to be the first regulated digital asset exchange to go through such stringent AML/KYC/CTF approval and ultimately be in full compliance with applicable regulations.” -Gemini blog post for seo.

6. Coinbase’s Coinbase Ventures

Coinbase has finally started its venture capital fund after a year of silence. The group will invest up to $25 million in funding startups that are creating products and services in the digital currency space. However, it is unclear how much money Coinbase will put into each company or where they will be based. 

“If they’re not spending a large portion of their resources on compliance and security, I’m not sure that they can deliver the kind of high-quality product that investors rely on them for.” -Dan Fernandez, Founder of Crypto51 blog

7. Canada’s Central Bank is Developing a Digital Currency

The Bank of Canada has released a report detailing their plans to create a digital currency. In the report, they state how they will be working with Payments Canada to issue an electronic Canadian dollar using distributed ledger technology. It is still unclear when this new digital currency will be released and if it will be used for everyday transactions.

“In recognition that there are various approaches to designing such a system, we will focus on the capability to interconnect with other systems.” -Bank of Canada press release

8. Coinbase Announces Stablecoins

Coinbase has recently launched its first two fully-collateralized stablecoins. These two coins, Tether and TrueUSD, are already listed on their prominent exchange. Only time will tell how successful these new stablecoins will be but it’s pretty safe to assume that they will do well.

“With the advent of the crypto markets, this morning we announced the launch of TrustToken’s TrueUSD, and Traceability’s Tether.” – Coinbase blog post

9. Bitfinex Listing On Fidelity Digital Asset Services

Fidelity Digital Asset Services listed a few cryptocurrency trading pairs on their brokerage service. This is a significant step in the crypto industry as it shows that one of the largest and most respected companies in the world has decided to offer Bitcoin and Ether trading.

“It’s another example of Fidelity’s commitment to providing customers with the best and most flexible solutions, especially those that are digital.” -Fidelity Investments blog post

10. Binance Hires Several New Developers

The largest exchange by volume, Binance, has just announced their newest hires. They will be adding several new developers to their team which will help them maintain their rapidly expanding platform. 

“Binance will continue to recruit highly talented individuals with diverse skill sets, backgrounds and experiences.” -Binance blog post

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