Top 5 Corporate Office Renovation Ideas To Boost Productivity

by Ethan More
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Now that terms like mental health and decreasing burnout are coming to the focal point of work life, corporate sectors are thinking more and more about their interior spacing and how it affects the employee’s productivity.

An architect once said that the office vibe oozing from the decors could get your employees excited to come to the office more.

So, what are your plans for office remodeling which can bring a new character to the space and even reflect upon the work you do? Because if you run a business and you conduct meetings with your clients, your decor is not just for your employees but also to impress your potential clients.

If you are not looking for any unique design, and simply going with the same old corporate chain decors, then we might have some ideas for you.

In this excerpt below, we will be presented with the top 5 office renovation ideas which will help in boosting productivity. Once you get your favorite design, you can select one of the best commercial fit out solutions in dubai.

A Unique Office!

Here is a unique office that caters to making your corporate office much more productive and getting your employees excited for their desks.

1. Add More Space For Greenery

Greenery and a touch of botany in your office space could be excellent for the purpose of increasing productivity. The greenery will not only provide fresh detoxicated air in the space, but it will give the illusion of being connected to nature.

The color green is also known for psychologically sending tranquility and peace to our minds. You can add individual spaces to each desk with the purpose of keeping a plant. This will automatically increase the greenery in the area.

You can even add space on the walls with built-in shelves or ceiling hangers for plants. However, ensure that you or the employees are taking good care of the plants. The location should be near a source of sunlight. 

2. Work On Lighting

Lighting can make a big difference to the office space. Therefore, rather than having generic fluorescent plastered all over the room, you can experiment with other lighting options. You can even contact a remodeling contractor and try to understand the different commercial fit out lighting solutions there are.

A personal lamp for each desk or hanging lamps from the ceiling. You can even venture out to other options like working on lighting for the people who could make some of the people which could make some 

3. Focus On The Walls

Your walls are a great focal point to grab the attention of anyone walking inside the office. There is no hard and fast rule for commercial fit-outs. Yes, there has to be a certain uniformity and less chaos.

But, if your employees are okay with an accent wall, and the touch of vibrancy and color on one side of the wall can increase their productivity, there is no harm in breaking the rules just a bit.

You can use the walls for wood patterns, colors, tiles, and checkers. It can even match the characters of the work you are doing.

4. Ergonomic Setup

This is a novel step for most corporate offices, where they try to build working spaces rather than desks. This is a very innovative idea that helps in increasing productivity among many.

Many psychologists have given an account that sitting in the same place for hours will not only give you physical problems but will also affect your productivity. This is why these new ergonomics can be so beneficial for everyone. 

5. Recreational Zones

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and Jill a dull girl.’

This is one of the reasons why we need spaces for entertainment along with spaces for recreation. Having a lobby, conference rooms, break rooms, and lounge areas where employees can sit and relax.

A Space Filled With Zeal!

The office is not a place where your employees have to stagger themselves every morning, work like robots and then leave for the actual ‘fun time.’

They should be able to find the zeal and enthusiasm in the space they spend most of the time in a day.

So, get set renovating!

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